Shows and Acts



It’s In The Can (40min)- See Jamie pull a whole world from a garbage can filled with music, storytelling, juggling and you. Learn to have endless fun on less than $5! Balance a broom, spin a plate, bang on bucket and be amazed at your own creativity in this wonderful one man show.

RTV (40min)- The latest edu-taining adventure from Coventry and Kaluza.

Candid- see

Duo Acts with Natasha Kaluza see

Solo Acts:

The Waiter (3.15)- Perfect for dinner theater or circus cabarets, in this act Jamie puts a lyrical twist on an ordinary plate juggling routine. Set to Vivaldi’s “Summer.”

Harmonic Drive (6min)- Jamie takes us on an imaginative ride where everyday actions are illustrated with the harmonica. One minute you’ll be cracking up, the next minute you’ll be getting down, in this tale of the bluesy, bumpy road of life.

Loops and Plates (8min)- You’ll be holding your breath in this thrilling volunteer act. In this twist on the old spinning plate routine, Jamie builds the sound track, while racing back and forth to create a chilling ending tableu.

Clown Soup or Cooking With Chef Mulchini, The Clown Gourmet (10min)- Some people say food puns are low comedy, but I think they are arty-jokes! In this hilarious faux cooking act, Jamie revives the art of the one liner and rim shot comedy. Packed with food puns, absurdity and custom material for your event, this act builds towards a volunteer climax that is sure to satisfy your comedy cravings.

 Animation/Walk Around:

The Waiter- plate juggling, chair balancing, slight of hand and cocktail chit chat.

Uncle Modly- Bringing awareness to the importance of composting (or “food scrap recycling”) Uncle Moldy, juggles tomatoes, plays the banjo and blows his nose with a banana peel. (photo)

 Custom characters: Chef, Pirate, Scottish, French, Italian. Musical, juggling, music, ambience …whatever you need.


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