Jamie Coventry is a performer, educator and circus artist dedicated to inspiring joy and creativity in the hearts and minds of young and old. After being raised in central California by a family of eccentrics, Jamie studied theatre arts in Santa Fe, music in San Luis Obispo and education in San Francisco. Clown seemed like the next logical step, so Jamie completed two years of study at the Clown Conservatory at San Francisco Circus Center. Jamie has traveled the globe performing and teaching music, theater, and clown, and believes that education through art can help change the world for the generations to come. He has worked with Flynn Creek Circus, Circus of Sound, New Pickle Circus, The Pickle’s School Tour, and is one half of the award winning clown duet, Coventry and Kaluza.Catch them both in Sweet Can’s latest production.

Jamie’s own solo work, include individual acts and a full length show for kids, It’s In The Can, which inspires the audience to create fun for themselves on a limited budget.

In 2010 Jamie melded his love of clowning and music to co-create Tin Sandwich, a harmonica trio that hearkens back to the days of vaudeville.

Jamie is also intent and sharing his knowledge and inspiring others through arts education. Be sure to check out the Teaching page for information on workshops and new skills to learn.


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